Pretty in Pink: A Sister Style Bridal Shower!

05/08/2013 § Leave a comment

A few months ago my family and I had an exciting couple of weeks! In quite a short span we had weddings, and showers, and girl’s nights out, guy’s nights out… the works! Planning my now sister-in-law’s bridal shower was one of the most fun experiences I’ve had and I wanted to share a couple of instagram shots from the beautiful gathering it turned out to be!

IMG_2723I honestly cannot remember where I originally saw the idea for this game that I consistently called “Celebrity Wives,” but it was such a fun twist to a bridal shower game and really ended up getting guests, who might otherwise have been sitting idly, laughing, chatting, and making friends! Again, I’m not sure how the original game went, so I just made it up as I crafted! My spunky sister-in-law has a love of all things pink and hair decor so it was only natural that I make pretty, pink, hair flowers as the backbone of the game! During the shower while everyone was sipping and nibbling we passed out these pretty accessories (no one could see who they had.. it had to go straight from the basket into the hair!) Once everyone was spruced up in their pretty flowers the game continued as follows: everyone at each table was allowed to ask other table members yes or no questions about who they were… whoever figured themselves out first won the centerpiece!

IMG_2801There she is, my pretty sista!! Her hubby and mine stopped by for a quick shot in the DIY photo booth we made, and then they were promptly booted out (this was a ladies day after all!) I was super proud of this photo booth because it wasn’t actually supposed to be a part of the shower at all. Yep, it was the night before the big day and it just felt like we needed a little something more. With a little bit of left over fabric, supplies, and a boat load of energy the backdrop was born (with just a few hours to spare!) I’m so glad we spent all of that last minute energy on this project because it turned out to be one of the biggest hits of the shower! Everyone wanted a shot in the booth and my sister-in-law got a great album of family and friend photos when the day was over!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis was my ABSOLUTE favorite part of the shower! This was the second shower I had done this particular project for and I cannot  express how much I love it! A “Meet the Maids” table is such a wonderful addition to any shower; to me it gives such a delicate gathering of merging families, old friends & new friends, grandparents, and rugrats, and one very excited bride-to-be, a personal touch. “Meet the Maids” gives everyone a chance to see who your bridal party is as well as who they may need to look for at the shower for any questions or concerns. My spin on this fun project was to turn it into a sentimental gift for the bride and all of her maids. I got a few hot, hot, hot pink frames from a discount store and filled them with pictures of the bride and each of her maids, as well as one of the bride and her now hubs (and for this particular shower one of my sista and my handsome nephew!) Then I got to calling! I got a quote from the bride about why or what she loves most about each of her maids, one from the groom-to-be about what or why he loves his bride so much, and in this case one from a handsome little man about why he loves his momma so much! What you end up with at the end of the day is a wonderful keepsake for each bridesmaid and for the bride herself… sometimes in the midst of planning a wedding its a good thing to remind everyone how much they are loved. ❤



Here’s to all those little moments that turn these kinds of days into a little piece of your heart!


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