“For the Love of Dog!”

07/20/2012 § 3 Comments

It is no secret that I am an animal advocate. I have my little family of 3 pups, 2 kitties, and one soon-to-be-hubby… and they all mean the world to me. Each one has their own quirks, their own personalities, and their own ways of showing love. My family loves each other unconditionally… we accept the things in each other that are a bit off, and we forgive each other our downfalls. We support each other in our dreams and goals for this life… and sometimes we take a step back, because that’s what is needed most. It is a truly overwhelming thing to take a deep look into unconditional love.

The way an animal loves astounds me. The heart of a pet is so much deeper and without flaw than a human heart. Our hearts are sometimes too much attached to the rest of our selves. However an animal, well they have a heart that is consistently pumping out love and forgiveness at most given moments. I have seen in my own pet’s how true this really is… at the end of the day my pups do not judge me if I speak my mind, and my kitties don’t hold it against me if I am too exhausted to play mouse with them. The ins and outs of my day are of no consequence when it comes to my pet’s.. they are just filled with joy that I am here and that I love them back.

I am constantly learning. Learning about love, learning about myself, learning about what I want out of life. Not far off from what most people are constantly learning about, I suppose. Something I’ve been understanding a lot more lately is love.. friendships.. the people we surround ourselves with. When you are 18, you will never understand why your parents, at 45, are no longer close with their friends from  school. You’ll think “What do they know about friendship!?!”, “What do they know about any of this!?” What I’ve begun to understand lately is they know more about this than we would ever imagine to know at 18, or 26, or 35.

The older I get, each year, I’m learning a little bit more about myself and my family and what I want. I don’t dream about fancy cars and big bank accounts, I dream of happiness out of my life. If fancy cars and bank accounts are what make you happy, than so be it.. but for me, I’m finding that my happiness often comes from what I’m doing in my life and the people around me. The few people I know love me unconditionally, despite my faults, and have stuck by me throughout the years… growing with me. The people (& pets) I love as well.

What I have found over the years, is there are moments in your life that test these relationships. There are times when you are at your worst… there are times when you are at your best… times you are in need, or needed yourself. You often don’t realize these moments are upon you, until they have passed. Sometimes the aftermath of such moments is too much to bare… too emotional for you to notice the impact it has already made on your life and your future.

Sometimes we need to take a look at our lives and ask ourselves if we are really happy, and what happiness really means to us. Are our lives filled with negativity and sadness? Are there things that are holding us back from what we want of happiness?… And how do we plan to go about living our lives the way we have imagined instead of the way it may currently be?

I wish to one day have the heart of a dog. The unbiased, untarnished, consistently forgiving heart of a dog who loves their owner.

As always, until next time… here’s to living the lives we have imagined.


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§ 3 Responses to “For the Love of Dog!”

  • irishkatie says:

    Those are wonderfully grand things to believe in *s*

    I liked reading this.

  • Kelly says:

    Thank you much, sometimes I ramble when I write and have a tendency not to notice if I’ve gotten out what I really wanted to say… I appreciate you reading!

    • irishkatie says:

      *Smiles* … I think rambling is one of the best forms of communication at times. I am a master at it!

      Still, your “ramblings” were well written and organized *S*.

      I meant to say (but did not want to sound TOTALLY weird)…was that I have often wondered what my dog (who I no longer have) used to think. Then I thought…oh no, what if I liked it there too much and did not want to leave *S*

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