Back to Our Roots

03/29/2012 § 6 Comments

I’m back, however not with an Every Monday Matters post…

It has been one hell of a week here in PA. First, both of our kitties have been out of sorts as well as in and out of the vet’s office. Secondly, it seems as if our days and weekends as of late have been jam-packed, down to the minute second. Last night I sat down, late already, to finish up my post from Monday.. and as I said with my last few words being keyed in my wordpress just went kaput. As I sit down to write today I am not motivated to try and recreate what I spent hours on yesterday, so here I am with a new post and new thoughts to share. No worries though, this week’s task I was actually skipping anyway (not really)… it is something that is much bigger than one week’s worth of planning and will hopefully come to a head around mid-summer, I will keep you updated.

As for today, I’d like to share with you my fabulous weekend of learning homemade family recipes with my Mother and my Nana (just as Nana predicted.)

I remember being a little girl that wasn’t so much of a little girl. I spent hours in my Uncle’s garage fiddling with greasy nuts and bolts, played with worms while fishing with my Dad, and paraded around the dirt roads of my Nana’s town trucking a bag of homemade perogies from one house to another in a wagon attached to a 4 wheeler. Needless to say when I was younger I was less than thrilled about being in the kitchen. However, as I’ve grown into my twenties (approaching my 30’s) cooking and baking is something that I now find fun and intriguing. I bake with no reasons; no holidays. I cook most weeknights for my family.. and I’m quickly becoming comfortable in the kitchen.

A few years ago my fiance’s grandmother passed away. She was the central station for their family and the star chef in some amazing family meals. I was fortunate enough to have learned first hand, from her, the recipe for her potato soup before she passed. That soup is now a part of our family, and will continue along down the line with our children and our children’s children. With her passing, I started thinking about all sorts of recipes that have gotten lost with each passing generation. So many memories from our lives are based around food… holiday dinners, baking cookies,… Nana’s homemade perogies. I don’t ever want to lose those warm feelings when thinking back… and I want our kids to experience those same wonderful sensations when biting into a delicious family tradition.

This weekend 3 generations of women got together to make some homemade perogies, peanut butter easter eggs, and butter cream easter eggs.

Nana is the pro… followed by myself, the amateur.

It took us all day but we came out with almost 5 dozen perogies, and 3 containers filled with decadent easter eggs.

And I have come to the conclusion that my Mom genuinely likes doing dishes.. I have no other explanation.

I can’t wait to have another weekend of sharing time with my loved ones and learning more great dishes that will hopefully become a cherished recollection to my own descendants as well. These are the moments that make life… a life.


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