Monday Eleven:

03/19/2012 § 2 Comments


Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Soo.. I’m going to apologize right now for the fact that most of my posts lately (including this one) are of the short-n-sweet-n-rushed variety. The thing is, I’m busy. I know, I know, everyone is busy… so I am by no means complaining… more just trying to find myself some sort of groove where I’m not lacking in any part of my day-to-day. I’m working on it, I really am… so just stick with me and I promise I will be getting the ball of awesomeness rolling again soon.

Anyway, this week my task is register to vote. Lucky for me I’m already registered to vote.

However… I registered to vote back when I was barely 18, as it was sort of, kind of, a requirement in my senior year Government class. Who the heck knows what you want to be at 18? I don’t even know what I want to be now! Like I’ve said before though as you get older and your life starts to shift, priorities start to change, and responsibilities get bigger…. you slowly begin to care about things more. Like taxes… I couldn’t give two hoots about taxes at 18, but as a 25 year old homeowner who’s taxes are going up about $700 next year.. I’d say I’m starting to care. I watch the news now, I read *scan* the paper now, sometimes I even have political conversations… out in public… with real people. Who am I? Well I guess I should just call a spade a spade…. I’m and adult!

Another adult-esque thing… St. Patty’s Day!!
Okay, worst transition ever right there… but so be it.
I had an absolutely wonderful holiday…. decked out in green, baked cupcakes, and enjoyed some good beer with some good friends on the back porch, in the best weather possible!
And the dogs weren’t complaining either!

Good Friends...

Good Friends...

Good Cupcakes



Good Pups 🙂

Bring on Easter!


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§ 2 Responses to Monday Eleven:

  • Nana says:

    You and jeff look great in your green..wish I could have been at your party..but of course, we had one of our own..missed you here, too.

    • Kelly says:

      Thanks Nana, I don’t think it’s my most flattering picture haha.. but you’ve gotta support St. Patty’s Day right? Can’t wait for some cooking lessons this weekend!

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