Monday Ten:

03/12/2012 § Leave a comment


Well, this week, for me, was super easy. We already use CFL bulbs throughout our house… this is one of those weeks where I go “Really? How is it that everyone doesn’t already do this?”  Let’s make a list of why you are seriously missing out if you haven’t already changed your bulbs.

#1. It’s better for the environment:

“The amount of pollution equivalent to the emissions of two million cars can be removed from the atmosphere if every household in America replaces ONE lightbulb with an Energy Star qualified CFL bulb.” -EMM

“Replacing 1 bulb prevents the release of 300 pounds of carbon dioxide in just 1 year.” – EMM

#2. It’s cheaper for YOU:

“CFL’s last up to 10 times longer and save $30.00 over the life of the bulb.” – EMM … Yea that’s just ONE bulb.

“If every home replaces 5 frequently used lightbulbs with CFLs,close to $8 billion a year in energy costs could be saved.” – EMM

That’s it… the end of my list, but isn’t it pretty impressive? I mean EMM did all the work… but facts are facts, and those facts speak pretty loudly.

Those saving the environment facts are the ones that drive me nuts, because if when it’s that easy and it saves YOU money as well, it drives me crazy that everyone in the world doesn’t do it. I don’t even care which reason people do it for, because in the end you’re getting both benefits… zero downfalls.

Imagine where all that money could go???…. cue dream bubble… vacations to Ireland, a food processor, yarn, books! Okay, that’s just my dream bubble, yours could be of anything!

That’s all for today, short and sweet.. I’m off to shoot some pool… and then home to do some crocheting!

Here’s to lots of scarves in my future!


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