Monday Nine:

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Well well my friends… it’s Monday again. It was BEAUTIFUL out today, believe me the last thing I want to be doing right now is sitting at my computer, not because I don’t love writing this every week… but with this sporadic weather lately, I like soaking up every nice day I can get in the middle of winter! This week’s task is pretty self-explanatory… I mean seriously who doesn’t use pretty good internet safety habits? Half of our internet habits are already forced upon us by the computer itself or they are just so beyond second nature that you don’t even really consider it “internet safety.” In our home we have a Mac (she’s my baby and I love her… yep)…. and with said Mac, you can set up a password for just about anything… you need one to even get ON the computer at all, which I think is pretty rad. Passwords are prompted for 99.9999% of websites you go on (yea that’s totally made up)… and on some they even give you a little strength indicator now, so it’s pretty hard to mess up.

Unfortunately though, identity theft is a real thing… and it happens daily all over the world.

In this day and age I would call it pretty gosh darn irresponsible if you didn’t protect yourself while on the web. Just about everyone I know does their banking online, shares photos online, blogs online, or plain old shares their entire life online (via facebook, twitter, and the like)… we essentially turn ourselves into sitting ducks for identity theft. Don’t get me wrong… I mean, I blog don’t I? Sure, but I’m not putting my social security number on little cupcakes for the world to see or anything… all is good if practiced with safety.

Okay.. onto something a bit more fun (’cause as you can tell… some of these task don’t really inspire your inner writer)…

What I DO find inspiring however is homemade anything. If you’ve been around me lately I’m sure you’re going to be like “really, I’ve heard this a thousand times already”… because I’ll tell just about anyone who’ll listen (and even those who aren’t listening) about all the crafty things I’ve been making/plan to make and why they have such high degrees of awesomeness. So on I go to tell the whole world, or just the few readers I have… either way here’s to everything homemade.

Laundry Detergent : for us it’s about $15 for an entire year’s worth of laundry

… oh yea, you read that right.

Recipie: 1 c. Borax, 1 c. Washing Soda, 1 bar Fels Naptha grated

Hearty home-cooked meals with good friends: Priceless
AKA: Cheeseburger Soup and Black Bottom Cupcakes
Last but certainly not least… 12 prepaid/preplanned date nights for the soon-to-be hubby
…worth every penny, and some.
In the upcoming days I’m trying out a recipe for homemade fabric softener, a homemade citrus facial refresher spray, and homemade eye make-up removers… and I am beyond excited!
Until next week… see ya bye.

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