Monday Eight:

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Today sucks.

I don’t mean this week’s task, I just mean this day in general. I forewarned everyone in my first post that days like this would come.. and here it is. I’m sure it will pass, bad days always do.. but in the midst of one it never seems like it will. It’s one of those days where one bad thing triggers your mind to dwell on every bad thing… things that aren’t even bad, but because it’s that kind of day, become yet another thing to berate yourself over. I’m feeling crappy to the extent of crappiness…. I feel as though my goals are slipping away, my insecurities at their peak, and like one loose thread could unravel me completely right now. I’m fully aware that I’m being melodramatic, but that’s what you do when you’re having a day like this.

This week’s post will be short and sweet, because i”m in such a mood I’d hate to become lost in my words and end up bringing down everyone’s morale. I probably shouldn’t even be allowed in front of the keyboard right now… oh yes. Maybe once I’m feeling in better spirits I’ll update during the week… but for now, short and sweet it shall be.  It’s such a sad thing, because this week’s task is mighty important.

Help the hungry.

That's Chad.

We practically have a bomb shelter in our house… at least thats what my future brother-in-law, Chad, would tell youI stock up on food… and supplies; and I get it from my family, no doubt about that. My parents, nay.. my Dad, stocks up as well (it’s frowned upon when my Mom does the grocery shopping…) and my grandparents too. Seriously, if you every need coffee… stop by my Pop Jeep’s house… he’s got it, I’m tellin’ ya. I’m not insinuating that it is a bad thing to be prepared, but it should be dually noted that sharing is just as important.

“35.1 million Americans have limited access to enough food due to a lack of money and other resources. 12.4 million of those are children.” – EMM

Sadly follwed by…

“96 billion pounds of food are wasted each year.” – EMM

We try are hardest not to waste food in our home, for the simple fact that it’s a waste. It’s money in the garbage, food out of someone else’s mouth, and an unmerited sacrifice of livestock or the environment. In short (because I promised it so) we’ve gathered up some of our canned goods, as well as some canned food for the animal shelter (because I’m sure they’re hungry too) and are set to deliver in the next few days. Below is a picture of my beautiful puppy niece, yep I said it, Loretta. She was a shelter pup and relied on the charitable donations of others to feed her until she found her forever home with my other future brother-in-law. It all matters,… even the little things.

I had a hell of a time trying to find a soup kitchen of some sort to volunteer at in our community, so if anyone has any suggestions please feel free to help me out with that… but with our donation I’d like to make it a habit to trim up our “bomb shelter” every few weeks… and share with those who need it more.

Loretta and Jay

Loretta and Jay


I don’t have video capabilities on here just yet (that comes with an upgrade…which costs money… and I’m still pretty new around here, so I’d like to see where my little slice of the internet goes before shelling out some serious dough on it)… however if I DID have video.. you’d be watching one right now… it’s a great piece by the people from Every Monday Matters. They show you how simple, and cheap it really is to do some good for those less fortunate… head on over and check it out here Muffins for the Hungry. The one I’m referring to would be the second one from the top. While you’re at it feel free to take some time and check out some of the other great videos they have about the movement and specific weeks.

With all that said and done, I’m heading downstairs to cook some dinner (healthy zucchini boats, I might add)… and try to get this terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day back on track.


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