Monday Seven:

02/19/2012 § 2 Comments


4th of July

When I first read my goal for this week I immediately thought of my childhood friend Annie. Annie in a nutshell is a funny, vivacious, kind-hearted, joy of a person… and she is currently serving our country overseas. I asked her a bit ago if she could help me out with this upcoming week’s task and put me in contact with someone she knows overseas that may not receive too many letters from home themselves… and she came through! So I wrote out my letter (as well as one for my dear Annie) and they are going out in the mail today! I’ll keep the details of the letters private,… but in general I just wanted to openly express my gratitude to someone… so that they know at least from someone other than their own loved ones… that what they’re doing is appreciated. Even in our day-to-day with the little things in our life it is important to sometimes give a simple “thank you” to let your loved ones, or a stranger, know that you care.  Don’t ever underestimate kindness.

I couldn’t do what these people do. I have high admiration for anyone serving, for the simple fact that they have more courage and, in ways they may not even be aware of, are far more selfless than most. Contrary to what you may think… this week’s task has nothing to do with politics. I do not care what you think of the wars, I do not care if you think our soldiers are misplaced in the stations they’re at, I certainly don’t care if you approve or disapprove of the way our government and militaries are run; what I do care about, right now, is that we, as a nation, appreciate the fact that these men and women are here for us when we need them. They put their lives on hold, they leave loved ones behind, they brave the unknown and they do it because they believe in it. This is not about the bigger picture, this is about the individuals that are making a sacrifice that you or I may not be willing to make. This is about respecting that simple fact. That’s that.

Red, White, and Blue Cake Sharing ❤

Cake covered faces for Independence Day!

A Great Lightshow!

So, here’s to our soldiers, our veterans, and all the future protectors of our freedom… and here’s to the celebration of our Independence, which would cease to exist had it not been for these brave individuals.


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  • brittany holcomb says:

    Kelly!! This touched me!! My husband was in Afghanistan for a year and there are alot of people that dont get the sacrifices that they make.. and their families as well.. thank you for this one!!

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