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Go Go Green….If I’ve really got to explain this one, I’ll be thoroughly disappointed in humanity.

It may just be because I try my hardest to be as eco-friendly as I can in my day-to-day, but even still I think on some level everyone should understand the simple fact of output vs. resources when it comes to our paper production.

If I was going off on one of my rants (which I won’t) I could go on forever about the various reasons that recycling and being eco-friendly is the way to go…. not always just because of the environment either. Instead I’ll do a small re-cap on how I got to this point of “Go Go Green Awesomeness.” When my Uncle passed a few years ago it was really hard on our family, and everyone had their different ways, different stages, different depths of grieving… as well as different methods of coping; and the thing I’ve learned about death is that everyone deals with things in their own ways… one is not better than the other, it’s a process unique to that person and unique to that death. I won’t get into too much detail, as to not bring down the morale of the post, but my personal method of coping was anger and avoidance. It certainly wasn’t the most healthy of outlets, but it was mine…. and it got me through a lot in the beginning. Years down the road I have slowly, piece by piece, let go of the anger and replaced it with something more along the lines of acceptance. Okay, okay… anyway, when I was in my anger and avoidance stage… I THREW myself headfirst into being somewhat of a self-induced humanitarian/philanthropist/environmentalist…. whatever it was to get my mind off of our tragic reality… I was avoiding. As the years went on and the coping continued, my new philosophies were still hanging around… in short it was my own personal silver lining out of such a horrible event; because I believe whole-heartedly that everyone needs to find a silver lining… it’s a little piece of good to get you through. I’m not happy for how it started, but I am happy about where it’s ended… as a lifestyle. It has certainly been a process, but so is every lifestyle change you make whether it’s eating healthier or working out more often or volunteering (all of which I’d like to adopt)… it’s all a process, and they’re all worth it once you get there.

So in short, get rid of your junk mail; I have. The stuff you can’t get rid of… at least recycle, even if your town doesn’t recycle… take it upon yourself to get a pile going and drive it to the nearest recycling place…. because it’s worth it.

“5.6 million tons of catalogs and other direct-mail advertisements end up in landfills annually.” – EMM

Seriously, it’s worth it.

Oh that’s not it people, I figure since this was a fairly simple week and there are many more environmental tasks in weeks to come (that I’ll probably babble on during) I’ll finish up this post with some V-day awesomeness! I don’t care how commercialized you think it is, because seriously… every holiday is over commercialized anymore. You should love to your max every day of every year, but Valentine’s Day to me is an extra celebration of it… and it doesn’t have to be expensive!

Jeff and I planned on just a nice night at home, him cooking (whaaaat???) and me making dessert.

Chocolate Pudding for Two

Courtesy of

Doesn’t that look delicious? If you said no… just go away. Something else I’m planning on for V-day are these awesome heart bird feeders I stumbled upon during a Pinterest marathon.

Courtesy of

Thats officially it, aside from the need for me to plug even more because I love it that much. I’ve never been a huge fan of Facebook, and probably never will… but Pinterest is my internet equivalent of the stack of magazine clippings I rip out at every chance I get; AND I actually make use of it which is far more than I could ever say about Facebook.

That is it, so here’s to going green… and loving love.

P.s. I totally ate AWESOME this week, in lieu of my fail last Monday, and have a pretty rad menu planned for next week too!… aaaand Sundays are my new posting days.


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