Monday Four:

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“Prepare today… for any kind of tomorrow.” – EMM 

Oh I cannot tell you how excited I am about this week’s task. I have been slowly gathering things to make an emergency kit for the longest time, and this is  now my final push to get it officially done! I absolutely believe in preparedness… I mean, what else do we have but that? Aside from Jeff and myself, we’ve got 3 dogs and 2 cats to safely evacuate at the drop of a hat if disaster strikes; and I want to be able to do it as quickly and safely as possible. Phew… and that’s not even with kids yet!

Our first year as new homeowners was quite a shocking experience. In one year we had a flying ant infestation in our walls, a flood, an earthquake, and a few months back we had a freak snow storm in October. We lost power at our house for 3 days. It was a huge eye opener, not just for me but for Jeff too. Sometimes I think he believes my antics crazy, but with that storm, and all the other mishaps from the year, the importance of a well put together plan was really shed in the dimmed lights of our candles. We were lucky enough to have a small generator, among things like an amazing family, that had been passed down to us, so our food was salvaged and our pets as warm as they could be with the space heater running.. but had we not had that fortune it could have truly been a different story.

The water level OUTSIDE our house.

The water level OUTSIDE our house.

Water level in our rental's basement... to my shoulder.

Water level in our rental's basement... to my shoulder.

Salvaging what we didn't have to throw in the dumpster.

Salvaging what we didn't have to throw in the dumpster.

Priceless family photos.

Priceless family photos.

Freak snow storm, also took out part of our tree.

Freak snow storm, also took out part of our tree.


With that all said and done… I’ve started preparing!

Our Personal Emergency Kit Check List:

Food and water (3-7 days worth per person), First aid kit, Clothing, Can opener, Matches, Batteries, Flashlight, Radio, Tools (We have these nifty little all in one survival tools), Blankets, Sanitary products, Feminine products, Copies of all important documents, Cash, Change, Phone cards, Emergency credit card, local maps and an atlas, Plastic utensils, Names and numbers of animal friendly lodging outside of our immediate area, 

I’ve stored all I can in space bags to take up as little room as possible, or to keep certain things protected from dampness or liquids. I also purchased a duffel bag (with TONS of zippered pockets) and a backpack to store all said products for a quick and easy grab and go. Our home Emergency Kit is going right in our mudroom, located near the back door also for an easy grab and go plan.

Our Pet’s Emergency Kit Check List: (because if you’re not going to make one for them too, don’t have pets)

Food and water (3-7 days worth per pet), Pet first aid kit, Crates, Extra leashes, Extra collars with name tags, Ziploc bags for sanitary purposes, Warm blankets, Treats, Some second-favorite toys, Collapsible bowls, Small litter pan, Extra litter, Copies of all important documents (updated vaccines, proof of ownership, recent photos with our pets etc.), Calming medication, nail clippers 

I’ve also put as much as I could in space bags to free up room, as well as protect from damage. These supplies are all neatly in a duffel bag placed right next to ours in the mudroom.

Our Vehicle Emergency Kit Check List:

Jumper cables, Some food and bottled water, Sweatshirts, Blankets, Flashlight, Flares, Cell phone charger, Cash (not much), Change, Litter (for icy roads), Oil, Wiper fluid, Gas can, Hand warmers, Pencil and Paper, Maps

I’ve been stranded in my car before, and let me tell you it is no picnic.

This week, however, is about preparing for an emergency… not just making a kit. It’s about making sure you and your family have the best chances possible of survival. My Nana and her husband just said to us recently about getting an emergency throw ladder for our attic, which is a great idea. Our home is three stories high and if something happened on the first or second floor… well we’d be out of luck. We have smoke/carbon monoxide/natural gas detectors all throughout our home. I’m going to start making it a firm habit (for me AND Jeff) of filling up my gas tank when it hits the 1/2 full mark (as opposed to my normal… “C’mon baby you can make it, we’re almost at the gas station” scenario.) To really be prepared in the best way possible, yes you’re going to have to spend some money, yes it’s going to take some time and effort… but you don’t have to get it all done in a day. We are by no means prepared to the fullest… but we’ll get there, slowly but surely.

A disaster is one of the biggest “What if?”‘s that shouldn’t be taken lightly. It’s like that time old question of “What if you had to leave your home in 60 seconds? What would you grab?” I don’t want to have to be scrambling around my home in a panic, I want to be prepared… I want to be able to survive whatever disaster comes our way and protect, as best I can, the things we hold dear.

Some great links….


And here’s to surviving.


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§ 4 Responses to Monday Four:

  • Nana says:

    Kelly….this is so true…to be prepared for any kind of emergency. I sure did enjoy
    reading it and hopefully take you advice on getting prepared for what could happen.
    Love Ya..Nana

  • Jolene says:

    Morning girl! I love reading your blog…. You’re doing an awesome job!! It’s funny you wrote this one bc i’ve been thinking for a while now that I need to have an emergency kit/plan for us and our 4 dogs bc if something happened it would be total panic and chaos to get the 3 of us, 4 dogs, and supplies out of the house! Not to mention I am also a chronic ‘come on baby you can make it’ with my gas tank!! I’m going to copy your list of needed items and def start preparing!! And I’ll do my best to keep that tank full! After being out of power for a week and having to buy a generator after that Oct snow I at least have that ;). Keep up the awesome blogs!!

    • Kelly says:

      Thanks Jolene, I’m so glad you enjoy it…
      Thats the same way I feel, If I didn’t start planning something… when disaster strikes we’d be like chickens with our heads cut off trying to get everything squared away! Glad you guys managed in the snow storm, it was definitely no fun… and good luck with the gas thing, I know I’m going to have a hell of a time kicking that habit lol.

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