Monday Two:

01/16/2012 § 11 Comments


It is officially.. OFF!

To start, I just want to say thank you to everyone reading… I was like a giddy school girl last week watching my views go up and up. This blog is something very important to me, and I’m so thankful for everyone’s comments and support. I hope I can continue to live up to what I believe this blog is turning into week after week. With that said, onto this weeks task… turn off that television!

It seems to be such a simple concept. You may think “What? Like I watch too much TV”… and in the normal life of many adults, no, I don’t think it’s a huge problem…. however (and this is what the Facts are for) according to the EMM book “Children spend 1,023 hours a year watching TV compared to 900 hours of school.” I mean WOW. I don’t have two-legged children yet, but I imagine when I do that particular fact may dig a bit deeper. I want my kids out… skinning their knees, and helping with dinner (something I never did as a child; hence why I’m not the greatest cook in the world… yet.)

The idea is to get out… be productive.. do something besides sitting around for hours upon hours watching your soaps.

So here’s a couple of things I’d like to do rather than watch TV:

Garden- I’ve wanted to start a garden since before we bought our home. I tried once at my future hubby’s family farm. I failed miserably… I jumped right out of the gate wanting huge cornstalks, watermelons, pumpkins,… everything! Now we live in a relatively busy area.. and our yard is, by no means, large… so I’d like to start right this time.. something small, maybe an herb garden. However, this means I have to get over my immense fear of anything creepy and crawly… I’ll work on it.

Book Club- I read a TON… and sometimes I’ll go out with my good friend, Jess, and we’ll spend forever talking over minute details of the shared books we’ve read. When you’ve read a good book, and you’re so invested in the characters and plot lines you get so excited that you’ve just got to talk about it!.. (sadly sometimes Jeff ends up being my sounding board.)

Volunteer at an animal shelter- I am a HUGE animal lover. We already have a zoo at our house, but every time I see an animal that needs help… I am the first to bring it home, in hopes of finding it a forever home. They need a voice as well, no matter how cliche that sounds.

Cook/Bake- I dabble in cooking. Don’t get me wrong.. I cook, otherwise we would be starving or broke. I just tend to stick to the recipes I know and love. I just made a batch of homemade marshmallows recently (straight from the blog I’ve been addicted to lately, and I loved it; the fun of doing something different.

Paint/Draw- If you’ve read the “About” page.. or know me at all, you know I originally went to college for Fine Art. I left said school, among less important reasons, because it just wasn’t the same anymore. Art as a potential career was ruining art for me. However, amongst the busy life of adulthood, I find myself ignoring my studio completely. I used to spend days on end sitting at my drafting table just drawing. As opposed to plopping down on my couch for a TV show, I’d like to kickstart that urge to create something again.

Again, I truly don’t believe I watch too much TV in general. When I do, 90% of the time it’s something like HGTV or DIY Channel… (thats just what you do once you own a home I suppose.) The other 10% is something I wouldn’t give up, not even to do Every Monday Matters; at the end of sometimes a very long day Jeff and I will curl up together on the couch (usually with my hot cocoa in hand) and watch a favorite show that we follow. Every Sunday and Wednesday night we’ve got an appointment with our couch to plop down, kick off our shoes, and enjoy a fictional world far away from our everyday…  and I don’t see anything wrong with that. Its an hour out of our days that we can relax with one another and wind down before we head upstairs to sleep. Thats my opinion and I’m sticking to it!

With all said and done though, I do believe in this weeks task… sometimes you just need to get up and do something, something you may not have thought you had time for, something you’ve been procrastinating on, something new… you may find that you enjoy it.

Aaand…. here’s a little something I did during this week of no TV…. chocolate whoopie pies with malted buttercream filling, yum.

They have been Jeff approved!

So here’s to turning off my television and doing something!


§ 11 Responses to Monday Two:

  • Steph says:

    Jeffs face is priceless! You have inspired me to have Kaiden help with dinner. Its funny, he helps when I bake, so why not with dinner! Who knows, maybe I will start a garden now too , just have to realize my hands are gonna get dirty =) lol Great Job once again, cant wait for next Monday!

    • Kelly says:

      Thanks Steph!!.. Tell Kaiden to tune in next week too, he’ll be making a cameo :)… I can’t wait to have kids just to make them cook with me! I don’t want them turning out like me, who started out with all thumbs in the kitchen, I’ve upgraded now to an index finger or two lol. I should have clarified in the post too, that it was no fault of my own mom’s that I wasn’t in there… I was a stubborn kid, as you well know!

  • Hillary says:

    And my Tv is Off! After reading this is made me realize that lately, since im not working, i have been watching way too much television. Another note, kelly you reminded me i have a bunch of baking utensils that have never been used… Therefore its time to get my oven fixed right and start baking!

    • Kelly says:

      Hill I know what you mean, I was in the same boat for a bit there… and baking is quite fun, I end up giving most of it all away though, cause Jeff and I don’t really eat a lot of sweets (we’re more like salty-junk addicts)… You should check out the Not Without Salt blog, she has a ton of really fun, unique recipes on there.

  • Carol Crilley says:

    I very seldom turn my TV off, I like it for the company. Now come summer that’s a different story. John wants to plant a garden this year. He always had one before so he knows all about whats involved. I guess I’ll just pull the weeds!!!!
    We sure do have the room for one.
    Have to come down and make some homemade perogies together. Mom, too.
    This is great..Can’t wait till next Monday.

    • Kelly says:

      Maybe you could go visit the bird shop?… Maybe John could give me some gardening tips too, ’cause I’m definitely not world’s best gardener!… I would love to make perogies, meat pie too… and cheesecake, and homemade noodles… I’ve got quite a list for you to teach me Nana!.. I’m glad you like the blog 🙂

  • Jess says:

    Lovin it Kel! I gotta get back to reading, so we can have our “breakdown” sessions again. I think Jeffro is lovin the baking /cooking!

  • Jenn says:

    It’s hard to do these things with a broken ankle and no home of my own. This being said, I fully believe that I do not watch too much TV. Currently, I’ve taken up the equally terrible habit of sleeping. It’s funny though.. Tonight, before I even read your blog, I decided to sit down and draw. It’s something I used to enjoy as well, although I find that I’ve lost my creativity. Maybe I need to borrow a good book and it’ll inspire me to draw something wonderful (although chances are I’ll quit halfway through the semi-decent drawing and never return to it again). I also tried cleaning the other day. Another activity which captured my attention for all of an hour. I get bored too easily.. Cooking and baking would be great if I had any of the following: my own kitchen, my own appliances, ingredients at hand, someone to eat the food (my dad is the pickiest eater in the world and mom eats approximately 5 bites of food per day). I tried keeping a journal, but I sucked at that. I had nothing interesting to write and must admit that I lost the darn thing. I will continue my search for SOMETHING which captures my attention and if you come up with anything else in the meantime, let me know.

  • Jenn says:

    PS- I never got to try one of those delicious-looking whoopie pies. Also, in case you didn’t have your ego stroked enough, just thought I would let you know that you’re doing an excellent job on the blog. I’m glad to see you’re following through.

    • Kelly says:

      I believe you and I have the same motivational issues!…. Let’s start a book club, that way you have to do it.
      And thanks again, no ego-stroking necessary. AND… there are still some whoopie pies left.

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