Monday One:

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My first Monday, oh how exciting….. This one is actually quite easy. What matters most, that is my goal.

A bit of information, before I continue, about  the layout of each week. Each page in my EMM book is split into three sections; Facts, Take Action Today, and You Matter. In a nutshell it begins by offering astounding, sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes appalling, sometimes endearing facts to motivate you towards the second section. Take Action Today is the section that really gives you your task for the week, broken down. Finally, each page rounds out with the You Matter section which essentially reinforces why and how this particular task is making a difference somewhere or in some thing.

Without any further adieu… What matters most.. to me:

1. My Loved Ones – My fiance, my family, friends, pets etc. It matters to me to spend time with each of them and make the effort in my relationships. I don’t ever want to wake up one day and realize I don’t really know the people closest to me, or for that matter that they don’t know me. It’s quite a crazy thing getting older… how you’re life experiences inspire change that you are hardly aware is happening… how you’re priorities shift ever-so slowly with each passing day. So here’s to starting new friendships, rekindling old ones, and appreciating the people (and pets) I have.

2. Health – Mine, yours, everyone’s. Again, as  time goes on and your priorities start to shift.. certain things just become more important than they used to be. Being there in the aftermath of loved ones passed, close-calls, even new births, are all things that make you want to take stock of your own health and well-being. How long do you expect to be around? How are your life choices affecting your health and longevity? I’ve seen and experienced more than I care to in loss at my ripe age of 25… I want to stick around for quite a while… and I want my loved ones to as well. So here’s to exercising… walking my dogs… learning to cook in ways that healthy food still tastes AWESOME… and to sticking around in general.

3. Ambitions – I have certainly got a lot of these. Which in and of itself is one of my many downfalls. My downfall is that I very much lack in follow through; this is something I’d quite like to change. However ambitions are important in general to me.. I would rather I have a magnitude of ideas and flaky follow through than no ideas at all. So here’s to opening a bookstore, writing a novel, starting a foundation… and here’s to the desire to want to do them in the first place.

4. Passions; New and Old – I love to read. I love to write… I love to do a lot of things, and I don’t ever want to lose that. As much as I enjoy spending time with my fiance and my family, I think it’s equally important to have things for me. Don’t get me wrong here though, I enjoy even more so when I can revel in my passions with those I love… but there’s just something about curling up in my bedroom corner with a book I just can’t put down and a steaming cup of hot chocolate next to me. As stated, passions new AND old though…. I don’t ever want to stop wanting to learn things. I’d like to take guitar lessons…or a cooking class. Something I’m not too great at but I just might fall in love with. So here’s to not ever being the boring version of myself… here’s to loving what I love, and the fun of figuring out what I hate.

5. Inspiring Change – Call me corny, call me whatever you like… but I don’t want to leave this place knowing I haven’t even tried to inspire change in it. There is a whole world outside beyond my busy street, and I don’t want to forget that. I’d like to start a charity, I’d like to support a charity; more than one in fact. One thing I’d like to do, I’ve wanted to do… is the walk for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. It is something that hits very close to home, and I want to share and support others in their battles with everything that comes with it. With that, here’s to never forgetting the bigger picture… and here’s to helping when and where I can.

AFSP - my inspiration.

What matters most? It can seem like such an easy question, and in theory it is, but there is something quite revealing about taking a few moments and truly evaluating what is most important to you; realizing that maybe your weeks aren’t as filled with these things as much as you’d like them to be – and deciding what to do about it. I encourage everyone to do this; whether you’re doing Every Monday Matters or not.

Anyway, there is my list… those are the things that matter most to me. Believe me the list goes on, and on, and on… but (to reference one of my absolute favorite movies) these are the lucky few, my top 5.

And here’s to finishing my first Monday.


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